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Background: Advantech DLoG

Founded in 1985 in Munich, Germany, DLoG GmbH is a leading innovator and market leader for industrial PCs and forklift terminals with screen diagonals from 7 "to 15" in Germany (as of 2015). Development and production at the Munich site enable a high level of flexibility, which is now also increasingly beneficial to customers worldwide thanks to the takeover by the Taiwanese technology group Advantech (TAIDEX: 2395).

As a headquarter of the strategic area "Global Digital Logistics & Fleet Management", the Munich office is responsible for both DLoG's products developed and produced in Germany, as well as the parent company Advantech's products in the areas of intralogistics, automotive industry, transport and logistics, industrial production, heavy duty (eg mining and mining vehicles), container ports and many more.

Advantech-DLoG has more than 8,000 employees in more than 90 locations in 23 countries and is the market leader in the field of industrial and embedded PCs.

Do you have questions?

Our sales representatives Peter Hochwald,
Mike Ahlmann and Markus Donsbach are happy to assist you.
We are available Mo-Fr 8-5 (EST)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

Do you have questions?

Our sales representatives Peter Hochwald,
Mike Ahlmann and Markus Donsbach are happy to assist you.
We are available Mo-Fr 8-5 (EST)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

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