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Barcode Scanners

In our TISWARE hardware portfolio, we offer selected barcoomHde scanners from Honeywell and Zebra Technologies

Future-proof investment by selecting the right hardware

scannerBarcode scanners and barcode terminals are used in a variety of logistical environments, such as retail, offices, warehouses and on the road. The wide demand for barcode scanners is met on the market by a very extensive selection, which can make the decision for the right device difficult.

The volume of data to be managed by a scanner can range from occasional scanning to thousands of scans in close sequence. Not every one of the different technologies used in scanners fits every task.
That is why manufacturers offer scanner models for various applications.

Especially when purchasing a larger number of barcode scanners, for example for mobile employees or a warehouse, we recommend to carefully study the available options before investing in order to make the best purchase decision for your needs.
The devices purchased should not only match the expected scope of use and the application environment. Possible interfaces should also be taken into account during the selection process so that the new acquisition can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure and data structure.

If a higher volume of data is expected, the more powerful models should be considered right from the start.
Special features such as IP protection classes for water and dust resistance and resistance to drops are also relevant factors that influence the product life cycle and missing equipment due to necessary repairs.

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Barcode Scanner With Cable versus Wireless Barcode Scanner

With Cable


In order to detect barcodes at close range and under constant conditions, e.g. at cash registers in retail, cost-effective, cable-based barcode scanner solutions are often sufficient.

Without Cable

TISWARE - Handscanner für die Logistik

For mobile data acquisition, wireless barcode scanners are particularly suitable. The available models work with different radio technologies and cover different ranges and different processing modes.

The right sensor technology

The heart of a barcode scanner is the image sensor. The most commonly used sensor technologies CCD, laser and imager have various advantages and disadvantages, which are decisive for which applications the device is best suited for.

Imager technology



Extremely versatile




Imagers (Area Imager / Camera Scanner for Digital Image Capture) are the latest generation and currently the most cost-intensive option of scanning technology. The technology is similar to that of digital cameras. As a result, imagers can also read out two-dimensional bar codes in addition to one-dimensional bar codes.

The technology also makes it possible to capture much information at once. Different scan angles are no problem. High-performance area imagers are also suitable for the mobile capturing of documents and, for example, damage photos, and thus particularly for application in transport and in the tracing of goods.
The more expensive technology pays for itself, since it enables mobile processing and processing on the road and its use makes the acquisition of additional hardware, such as flatbed scanner and cameras, unnecessary.

Laser technology
CCD technology

Do you have questions?

Our sales colleagues are happy to advise you.
Hours: Mo-Fr 8 AM - 5 PM (CET)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

Do you have questions?

Our sales colleagues are happy to advise you.
Hours: Mo-Fr 8 AM - 5 PM (CET)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

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