Background: Ivanti

Founded in 1992 and part of the American company LANDESK since 2012, Ivanti (formerly Wavelink) is a provider of terminal emulation software, mobile device management and various industry-standard browsers, which help to complete mobile solutions in the areas of intra- and transport logistics. Particularly interesting here is the all-touch terminal emulation (Zebra brand name) developed for Zebra or Velocity (Ivanti brand name), which is now also available for all Android devices. This also makes it possible to use the terminal emulation necessary in warehouses until today, even on Android devices without a keyboard by converting the classic DOS interface directly on the mobile device into a graphical interface.

In 2012, Ivanti - back then still under the name Wavelink - was taken over by software producer LANDESK. This acquisition was followed by more, Shavlik and AppSense. With the merger of LANDESK and HEAT software, the 2016 conglomerate was finally ripe for a new umbrella brand, under which the different identities can work together. From this resulted the name Ivanti.

TIS Technische Informationssysteme GmbH is a long-term sales partner of Ivanti and has extensive technical expertise especially in the area of ​​terminal emulations.

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Our sales representatives Peter Hochwald,
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Do you have questions?

Our sales representatives Peter Hochwald,
Mike Ahlmann and Markus Donsbach are happy to assist you.
We are available Mo-Fr 8-5 (EST)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

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