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Mobile Terminals

In our TISWARE hardware portfolio we offer selected computers from Zebra Technologies and Honeywell

The right mobile terminal for your logistics application


Today digital data acquisition with mobile hardware is an integral part of logistics.

Retrospect: The introduction of mobile data terminals streamlined and accelerated logistical processes. Errors and the usual paperwork in the transport were noticeably reduced.
On the software side, manufacturers, such as TIS GmbH, have developed more and more powerful applications for mobile technology in the recent decades.
This, in turn, accelerated the evolution of hardware in terms of appearance and functionality.

Small displays and hardware keyboards marked the first devices on the market. The emphasis at that time was on investment protection through long-lasting products. The construction had to be as resistant as possible and also to withstand strong temperature fluctuations, moisture, impacts and falls undamaged. Meanwhile, the convenience factor has also entered the logistics industry.
In addition to conventional handheld terminals with a hardware keyboard, tablets and industrial smartphones are also increasingly in use because the larger displays offer more convenient operation.

Today: The large variety of today's available handhelds and tablets can make the decision for the right device for your own logistics infrastructure difficult.
In order for mobile equipment to develop its full potential in the respective logistics environment and to work as time and cost-efficiently as possible, the hardware should be carefully selected.
Mobile industrial handhelds are used today both on the road and in the warehouse, where the areas of application are often overlapping and the device is used for both purposes.

Industrial Handheld vs. Consumer Smartphone (BYOD)

Industrial Handheld

Higher acquisition costs
Robust and conform with industrial standard
Data protection problems can be avoided easier
Scanner included
Resists harsh environments and temperature fluctuations

Risks of the BYOD concept

Risks of the BYOD concept

Consumer Smartphone

Lower acquisition costs
Shorter product life cycle

Critical privacy situation on private devices

Camera not capable of processing high scan volumes (slow, inflexible)
Particularly vulnerable in harsh environments

Adding to this is the ever-growing selection of consumer devices and the occasional overlaps in usage.

Just recently, the subject of BYOD (= Bring Your Own Device) seemed to become an important player in the hardware market for logistics. Consumer devices seemed to be a comparatively cost-effective alternative to industrial hardware.

But this development has already made itself obsolete. Short experiences with BYOD have shown already that consumer devices are only of very limited resistance against the harsh demands of logistical environments and that the quality of the camera can be problematic for scanning applications. The use of consumer devices can also lead to data protection issues.

"The extra investment in purchasing the Zebra TC8000 for the turnover area has been one of the best investments!"

Sasha Dietrich
Head of ITS Support / Service Manager
ITS - Integrated Services | Streck Transportges. mbH

"The same applies to the additional investment in the TC75x in connection with TISLOG mobile Enterprise!"

Julian Seuberling
Project management disposition / vehicle fleet | Streck Transportges. mbH

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Do you have questions?

Our sales colleagues are happy to advise you.
Hours: Mo-Fr 8 AM - 5 PM (CET)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

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