Background: SOTI Enterprise Mobility Management

Founded in 1995 in Ontario, Canada, SOTI, Inc. is one of the market leaders in mobile device management. The MobiControl software allows mobile devices to be configured, backed up, maintained, and tracked. More than 16,000 customers worldwide use MobiControl (as of 2016).

SOTI MobiControl supports a large number of devices with a wide range of operating systems and allows them to be managed via a joint platform.
SOTI has over 300 employees in 18 countries and more than 1,000 partners in over 170 countries (as of 2016).

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Our sales representatives Peter Hochwald,
Mike Ahlmann and Markus Donsbach are happy to assist you.
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+49 2871 2722 - 0

Do you have questions?

Our sales representatives Peter Hochwald,
Mike Ahlmann and Markus Donsbach are happy to assist you.
We are available Mo-Fr 8-5 (EST)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

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