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Specializing in telematics solutions

for mobile order management

Founded in 1985 by Josef Bielefeld, right from the start the telematics provider was focusing on a combination of expertise, tangible experience and passion for innovative technologies. A combination that convinced: The company TIS GmbH has become a technology leader in the field of radio communications.

In October 2016 Josef Bielefeld handed over the management to Markus Vinke. The graduate in electrical engineering has been an employee of TIS GmbH for nearly 15 years and initially gained experience as a software developer and project manager before managing the department for software development from 2012 to 2016.
Since July 2023 Markus Vinke and Fabian Bielefeld share the management board. Fabian Bielefeld is the son of the founder Josef Bielefeld and works for TIS since 2010. He worked in different departments of the company and is now a managing director and head of sales.

Pioneer spirit & visions

All of this means that the TIS GmbH has shaped and influenced the development of mobile data communications crucially from the beginning and will continue to do so. Thus we provide active knowledge transfer, for example including partnerships with universities and the business start-up center InnoCent. We also conduct research in our own departments in order to continuously develop new telematics solutions and products to bring our customers forward.

and a strong team

Each member of our 100 employees is highly trained and has a high degree of personal responsibility. An important qualification for the constructive look outside the box.
Visitors at our site in Bocholt immediately feel the “spirit” that lives there. Working at TIS is characterized by the enthusiasm for technology, the awareness of belonging to innovative leaders in the sector, but also the will to find really workable solutions to everyday challenges of our customers.

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